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Home Help with Handwriting Graphotherapy Help with literacy GCSE English ‘A' Level English Any questions? Kind words Kind words BETHAN  “I felt Cali went above and beyond to help me with the re-taking of my A2 English level (OCR), whether that was marking my essays or answering all my questions at any time of the day. I always felt she made a real effort to pack as much information into the lessons and to enjoy the sessions too.  I learned to not only understand the English language and its heritage, but also how to appreciate the lyrical beauty of our language. My knowledge of the social historical and cultural background has grown enormously in the few months I had lessons.    What’s more, I have now decided to study English literature at University as my love for the subject has grown enormously: I now feel very passionate about it. I am now able to go to the theatre and appreciate the art of the playwright - and I am able to appreciate the techniques that poets and authors use to paint a picture in words.  I would definitely recommended Cali to others; she is very friendly and welcoming and the lessons are enjoyable! You won’t find a better teacher of English!” HETTY  Before I had tutoring, I was not confident in my ability to write essays. I also had very limited understanding of the crucial often covert themes within my texts. Through Mrs Norton’s careful guidance, fantastic teaching and detailed explanations, my understanding of the texts blossomed. My grades did too, from a 'U' to 'B'-and this amazing change would not have been possible without Cali’s superb teaching.   I would most definitely recommend her to another student. There is a wonderful homely atmosphere and she goes above and far beyond the expected, to make sure you get the grade you deserve. Through her genuine passion for language, you grow to love and understand the complexity of your texts, which is imperative in writing a convincing (and grade - gaining!) essay.  I could not have been more thrilled or impressed by my tutoring experience: I have grown in confidence and ability of my own use of the English language, as well as in a sincere appreciation of the nuances of both the written and the spoken word”.
Lucy, Emily, Bethan and Hetty write about their recent ‘A’ level Experiences
Adam and Jamie write about their improved handwriting
JAMIE “I was really impressed with my progress. The effects are really clear now- my writing was bad but teachers can read my handwriting with ease now. They don’t have to ask me “What’s that word?” or “How’s that spellt?” It has made writing so much easier, especially now that I am in year 9 where English is a key part of the curriculum. But it also was a big boost to my confidence as I was not scared to show off my new writing to others. I would strongly recommend Cali. She is a very good teacher who puts you in a relaxing environment which suits you. It will help you develop your handwriting the way you want it to be”. ADAM  (aged 9-10)  “My handwriting was scruffy and hard to read.When I wrote under pressure it went to pieces. I wanted beautiful writing like Jamie’s. I now write faster (15/16 words per minute) and more fluently because I am slanting to the right, with my Lamy “Joy” pen. I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done-it has been mind-blowing for me.Thank you, my wonderful teacher Cali”.
And some comments from those not quite so young.. ALISON ( A mature student) “I really enjoyed it. I feel confident, and now have the determination to continue. The lessons have been good - positive praise and constructive criticism. I wanted to practise at home, and I feel proud and happy when letter writing now. The lessons whizzed by and I looked forward to coming”. STAFF COMMENTS FROM HANDWRITING TRAINING DAY An excellent Course; well worth the day! Relaxed, hugely informative, very well put together and delivered. Course materials and ambience exceptional. A fascinating and interesting Course which I will use in my lessons. Thank you. Brilliant resources and really enlightening. Thank you. Cali made the day warm, relaxing and fun. She also instilled in the group a feeling of confidence and trust. A very inspiring day with a wonderful atmosphere-so well prepared and planned. Above all, the materials supplied are very welcome. They will help to create a Policy that the school WILL employ. A very professional and generous delivery. Thank you.
LUCY Cali  taught me to never look past anything a writer has placed on a page, from a simple comma to the length of a sentence. I learnt about the importance of the writer’s life and the times that they lived in, for this fundamentally affects their writings. Cali taught me how to take in the views of critics and use them to strengthen my argument. I also learnt about exam technique and the importance of understanding exactly what the examiner wants to see on the paper, and how easy it is to gain a mark here and there with a change of phrasing or a quick reference. Cali helped me get into an examiner’s head by showing me how to evaluate my own work which helped immensely when writing essays for I knew what an examiner would want to see. Cali works very hard for her students, I have never had a teacher work harder for me, she researched my texts and and writers to no end and understood exactly how I learnt, whether I worked visually, physically etc. and always knew if there was something I didn't quite grasp. Her teaching is very clear and she made subjects that I had always found difficult, seem simple. Cali's clear passion in her vocation for English and teaching shines through her tutoring. I never thought I could learn so much from a teacher, she is the best teacher I have ever had and I would recommend her to everyone.
Emily I have been completely satisfied with Cali’s tutoring, for both the AS summer exam and A2 Coursework. Her teaching not only changed the structuring of my work (now in organised folders) making it easier to find things amongst mountains of information; but also my planning technique, which is now far more efficient and effective: it will stay in my mind every time I write. I also have a deeper understanding of the history and reasoning behind the English language; and endless new discoveries, made during the tutoring sessions, have led to a much wider knowledge of the social, cultural, historical and political context of all areas of English Literature. My work ethic has also changed: I feel more inclined to get down to studying. It is rewarding because of discoveries I make and interesting things I come across during background research. Overall, I feel a huge amount of self-esteem has been restored: I am able to write and self-evaluate with far greater confidence than ever before. I would definitely recommend Cali to other students: without her help my final A level grades would not be what they were! I’m pleased to say I got an A in English, and I really could not have done it without Cali’s detailed attention and guidance. However, not only did these sessions help in English, but I noticed, along with my other subject teachers and tutors, that the skills I have learnt could be applied to any subject and helped me improve in more than one area, crossing over into HOA and even into Art. Thank you so much once again: I hope that all your other students benefit from you as much as I did: the world is my oyster now!