Caliope Tutoring (English and Handwriting Specialist) Help With Literacy
The importance of Literacy As a guide to how a student is progressing with the Literacy strands of: Reading Writing Oracy students were given National Curriculum Levels in English (  As a rough guide, the Key Stage Two levels translated into the following GCSE Grades: Level at the end of KS 2 GCSE Grade               4       Grade C or above               5       Grade B or above               6       Grade A or above Currently, students are advised as to whether they are working at, above or below the National Standard for their age group. So Literacy is the key to: Success in many areas The building block of much of the student’s educational progress How he or she can become independent and successful learners So how can I help? Writing Issues Problem? Struggling with handwriting? Handwriting is often a lost art in schools. However, it is a skill of the highest importance from a point of view of: Communication Self-image I can transform the most illegible of scripts into something of which a student will be extremely proud.  (See ‘Help with Handwriting’ and ‘Kind Words’ pages)
Spelling Issues Problem? Taught or Caught? A mixture of both I suspect, but I can  concentrate on the Taught. I can very quickly pick up patterns of errors, and focus on those to give students a growing confidence in their own abilities. Punctuation Problem? Punctuation is a code that some students find difficult to master. It is like a series of stage directions in a play. I will make learning fun with lots of relevant activities and very soon problems will start to disappear. Reading Issues Problem? Reading is the key to so much! If students struggle to read, they Lose interest Find strategies to avoid reading  Unlock the difficulties and they will thrive. So once the key phonic blends are established, then with: The right reading material Continued practice Parental help and encouragement problems can very soon become manageable and reading will become enjoyable.
Oracy Issues Problem? Oracy is perhaps the least problematical of the literacy elements, but one with which I can still help students. We will focus on: How to work in discussion groups   Reading aloud Developing listening techniques Finding the right register for the audience Speaking in formal situations Debates   Talks Presentations Developing confidence in communication overall.
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