Caliope Tutoring (English and Handwriting Specialist) Help With Handwriting
How Do I start? An initial Handwriting Sample is followed by: A Diagnostic Evaluation   Handwriting Observation An Assessment Report These are followed by mutually agreed goals, on:   Ascenders/descenders   Size and shape of letters Spacing/slanting etc Pen control/Paper position Writing posture (use of writing boards, built-up plinth and daylight zone lighting) Speed of writing (wpm) Private Tutoring Sessions Each session includes activities which are: Developmentally appropriate Based on Handwriting models Suitable to practise at home 
Brain Gym and Doodles To relax the student, I use: Doodles* Music Art Games Rewards Laughter *Seemingly unpremeditated, the analysis of doodles offer a fascinating insight into the mind.  They have been proven: To lessen stress To heal To be great fun! Calligraphy etc I can also teach: Gothic (or Black Letter) Hand Copperplate Roman Hand Uncial Hand Pictograms/Hieroglyphics Borders Monograms  Illuminated Capitals
I offer a multi-sensory approach that makes handwriting fun!
Examples of writing “Before and After” intervention. I have folders of Case Studies where the very positive Handwriting results can be seen after just a few weeks.
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