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Handwriting ‘Maps’ before and after intervention
What is GraphoTherapy? GraphoTherapy is the practice of using handwriting as a personal development tool.  By altering handwriting patterns, thought habits become positive and self supportive. It can help you: Develop better self-esteem Be more communicative, organised, decisive Have increased concentration and motivation Develop more imagination, intuition, initiative Become less timid/sensitive to criticism etc Why and how does it all work? Handwriting is body language. Used correctly,  the shape of each letter can reaffirm the writer’s best qualities. Change handwriting-and we can become more Open Positive Creative Handwriting is body language – it is just a body language that most people are not used to reading.
I am a naturally sceptical person - so I was deeply surprised at the results of my first session.  The whole experience was emotional, enlightening and positive. By simply changing my handwriting shapes etc, I can now begin to change my whole attitude to life.  I had little idea of the link between handwriting and the subconscious mind. The whole area is fascinating.  It needs careful interpretation and exploration  with someone as caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable, and with such a depth of experience as Cali Norton.       Margaret So how do the sessions work? We prioritise:  •	What handwriting traits you want to develop/change •	What positive qualities you want to enhance  We then begin to amend individual letter formations.  •	Your attitude to certain aspects of life will change immediately  •	If you happen to write at other times during the day, then you try to include the new strokes   •	It’s a good idea (but not compulsory !) to keep notes and/or a journal, written in lessons and at home  How long does it take?  •	It takes 2-3 weeks to break one habit (longer, if the handwriting stroke was engrained)
What about people who seldom handwrite? No problem! Until you achieve your goal, you do your writing tasks for only about 10 minutes a day. If you do not handwrite another word that day, that is OK.  How many changes can I make? You can make as many changes as you like We make one change at a time until you write the new stroke without thinking What other changes will I experience? As the new writing becomes more natural, so do the new positive ways of thinking. Any reverting will show up in your handwriting BEFORE it shows up in your thinking/behaviour All that is needed is an occasional check to see how your handwriting is looking
Cali’s Graphotherapy has been great for me. Not only has it improved my Handwriting unrecognisably, it has changed my life. My handwriting is now absolutely beautiful, and her lessons have provided an essential sanctuary from the hectic life of a student in the run up to GCSEs. I have changed completely in general too. The fun, and calm atmosphere has helped me to relax - and I look forward to my lessons all week.”                    (H-aged 15)