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GCSE English (Language) A Helping Hand  English is a key GCSE. Schools opt to take exams set by different Boards (OCR, EDexcel, AQA etc). For each of the two different exam papers, students must now learn: The complex demands of the appropriate exam techniques However, even if the format that each Board adopts is  slightly different: The skills they test are common to all Having seen countless students through GCSE with different exam boards, high grades can be achieved by working together, given Student potential Hard work  Grading is now on a One to Nine (1-9) scale with Nine being the highest award possible. In order to progress to Level Three courses (A’ Levels, Btech etc), students will need a minimum Level Four (4) in Language which is equivalent to a former minimum Grade C pass. A Level Five (5) pass is considered to be a secure pass. I can help students to improve their: Examination Technique Presentation of work Core writing skills Oral Presentation skills
GCSE English Literature A Helping Hand   Helping students find pleasure in reading Literature in all its forms: Drama Poetry Prose is one of life’s most rewarding challenges. To achieve the highest grades, students need to have read their chosen texts carefully and to: Know the plot/characters/themes and style Know their social, historical and cultural context  Respond personally with confidence to their reading (a key skill often neglected) Whatever the texts that schools have chosen for study, it will be a pleasure to share them. I can help students to: Understand and put into practice the requisite Examination Techniques Respond personally to texts Analyse texts with skill using appropriate terminology Enjoy the process of reading critically
English/English Literature  GCSE Awards Levels Nine to Four June 2018: English: 62% of students gained a Level Four or above English Literature: 72.9 % gained a Level Four or above (Joint Council For Qualifications 2018)