Caliope Tutoring (English and Handwriting Specialist) Any Questions?
What are your qualifications etc? BA English Hons (Liverpool) PGCE English (London); teacher training @ Catford Boys Comprehensive, London GCSE, Oral and Coursework Examiner English teacher @ Ernesford Grange Community School, Coventry Deputy Head of English @ Beaufort School, Gloucester i/c Drama @ Beaufort School, Gloucester English teacher @ Gillingham School, Dorset Trained Emotional Intelligences Mentor (Dragonfly Training) English teacher; Co-ordinator (St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury) of:   Teaching and Learning Multiple Intelligences Gifted and Talented Member of CLAS (Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society: Registered NHA Tutor (National Handwriting Association: I  run Handwriting Workshops in Schools to @ 20 students (all ages)
What are your overall strengths as a teacher? My strengths are: An ability to communicate easily Imaginative and vibrant lessons An ability to draw out skills and intelligences Consolidating and developing these skills Well-organised, co-creative activities Setting mutually realistic goals Being organised yet adaptable Being a ‘finisher’ What do you think is the ‘key’ to good tutoring? Winning a student’s trust. The: Connection Chemistry Laughter between the student and teacher is as important as the actual lessons.Then a shared sense of learning follows I also find that these help students take responsibility for their own learning: Questionnaires Brain Gym Music/Drama Plentiful praise Fun activities Rewards etc 
Where do you teach? What  about resources?  We live in Marnhull, a village in North Dorset. We have have a dedicated room, well equipped to meet pupils’ needs. I have numerous resources, fun activities and a wide selection of Literature texts.   I provide:   •	Paper  •	Handwriting books •	Plastic document wallets  •	Pens   I can order specialised books and Handwriting equipment etc  but there would be a charge for these.   Do you have an up-to date DBS (CRB) certificate?  Yes. I hold a current enhanced DBS certificate   When are you available?   During term times and holidays to suit. I am very flexible, but I find that hours are mostly from 4.0-7.0 pm  I am also happy to teach during the day, and some Saturday mornings.  How long do the lessons last?   The lessons usually last about an hour - but again, this is flexible.   Payment is made after each lesson. Home Help with Handwriting Graphotherapy Help with literacy GCSE English ‘A' Level English Any questions? Kind words Any questions?